Sunday, February 22, 2009

Whatever you want you can Achieve!!!

Last week after organising few interesting ideas for this project I had a lot of insights, I started to focus mainly in those activities that are going to make some practical wisdom into actions including some easy to imlement action steps that will significantly free up your time, damatically improve your bank account and solidly enrich your most important relationships.

To start I want to share some of the first three ideas:
1-Focus on your strengths and eliminate everything that is holding you back.
2-Change bad habits into habits that will make you debt free and wealthy.
3- Create and excellent balance between work and family life.


The idea is to focus and understand that you must invest most of your time everyday doing what you do best, and let others do what they do best.
Therefore I will aslo try to implement new positive habits into my life, it is known that 90 percent of our normal behavior is based on habits, mainly routines, I'm starting to believe that quality is not an act is a habit. Once a new habit is well developed, it becomes your new normal behavior.

So is good to remember that If other people can make significant changes, why not you? Rememebr, nothing will change until you do. Embrace change as a positive catalyst, one that will give you more freedom and peace of mind, because if you keep on doing what you've always done you will keep on getting what you always got change is a very important factor use it...

A last idea tht I want to note tonight is that as I was talking to a colleague and friend at work while explaining him the idea of becoming Millionaire he told me:

-Don't you see...I will show you that you are Millionaire already .

After sharing a link that I will share with you right know I realized one of the most important things to continue my journey, and that is that he was right I'M A MILLIONAIRE RIGHT NOW!!! So here it is for you to realize if you are already Millionaire: find it top right of this blog

Here is also some intersting new that I found last week:

Wall Street Journal: Nokia and Facebook to discuss possible cooperation

According to a newspaper article, the social networking website Facebook is planning cooperation with the world’s largest mobile handset manufacturer Nokia.
On Thursday the Wall Street Journal wrote that the two companies are discussing a possible service, in which contact and calendar information stored in Facebook could be transferred directly to a mobile phone.
The Wall Street Journal says it has received the information from “people familiar with the matter”. “Talks between the companies have been going on for months”, the paper writes.

Facebook has confirmed that it is looking for possible cooperation partners from the mobile phone sector.
A Facebook user interface already exists on Apple’s iPhones.
Negotiations are also being carried out with the American handset and PDA makers Motorola and Palm.
Hope to hear from your ideas and comments Best regards JC.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Financial Advice to Make Money

Day two on my task, besides a keeping my permanent job in the Payment Industry safe I´m also planning on expanding my horizons farther... by giving consultancy services and a couple of extra jobs, starting the year busy after a sweet holliday in México so If you're doing well financially, chances are you had help if not I will help you...

Someone, somewhere along the way passed along the idea of financial wisdom that you took to heart. Maybe you absorbed the messages over time from some role model, such as a parent or grandparent. Or perhaps you just heard the right thing at the right time from a friend, an adviser or even a total stranger maybe like me the ispiration came by a book.

If you're not doing well financially, maybe you're finally ready to hear some advice that could make all the difference.

With that in mind, I asked experts and friends alike to share the best financial advice they ever received. The results were varied and enlightening you are free to comment at the end and contact me .


"No matter how much or how little you make, always save a little bit."

Pay yourself first Robert Kiyosaki's idea It's a reminder that whatever money comes into your life, you can (and should) be setting aside some of it.

"Save hard for the first 10 years of your married life."

Save hard for the first 10 years of your adult life" or "Keep living like a broke college student for as long as you can").

"Saving hard means having to make a lot of the right choices, "I researched every purchase, learned how to do lots of things by myself (car repair, sewing, cooking, home maintenance, etc.) and we could not only save money but we also used these skills to make money. When you are young, doing with less isn't a struggle because you aren't used to the luxuries yet.

We still save money even when we don't try to because we are in the habit of trying to do things ourselves, doing without if we can't find it at the right price, researching, waiting to buy, etc. We made a game out of getting what we want for less money."

Advice on spending

"Know the difference between needs and wants."

Several friends also mentioned different versions of this advice, which is key to controlling your spending. When you can't distinguish between real needs and mere wants, you're constantly talking yourself into spending too much, specially when going out and getting drunk.

"What do you need that for?" Annoying? Maybe. But "now I hear her voice in my head whenever I am spending money. It keeps me from buying a lot of crap that I don't need."It also helps tobecome more environmentaly friendly.

"You need food. You want prime rib. That example is perfect for the want vs. need debate in my head!"

'We have everything we need and most of what we want, too.' That would make me realize that even though we weren't the richest family in town, we really did have plenty. I still think about that today when I'm lusting over some ridiculously expensive item at the mall here in Helsinki. It makes me remember that I have a place to live, plenty to eat and a great family as well as much of the stuff I want. I (usually) put the item back on the shelf and walk away satisfied with what I already have specially in my mind."

"Think of the true cost."

Anything you want to buy involves a number of costs. The price tag is just the start."I have to give up the cash for it that won't be able to work for me somewhere else. Then I have to think of all the time and energy I'll waste cleaning this item, keeping it out of my kid' hands, and packing it up and hauling it somewhere else when we move in a year now. Most of the time, the true cost of the item is too high for me."

"Buy quality."

My Mom taught me to buy high-quality things at stores that stand behind what they sell. That way, if anything wore out or quit working before its time, she knew she could take it back -- and she often did. You actually save money by buying things of higher quality that last than by getting cheap stuff you have to throw away in no time."

"Live within your means," or, more elaborately, "Be careful of adding new expenses to the ones you've already got of course I can't get a Ferrari not now, but I will."

"So I'm always asking myself, am I putting out more than I'm taking in?" "If I am, I know I need to turn that around, because it is unsustainable."

"Don't pay interest on anything that loses value."

Avoiding credit card debt and borrowing only to buy property or other assets that will appreciate that's teh idea.

"Never pay interest on anything but real estate." In 6 years that I have spent in Finland, I have taken the advice to heart.

"We have never had a car loan or paid a penny of interest on credit cards. We have saved our money and invested our money SENT ME AN E MAIL IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MY PICKS.

i´m just starting out, but already living a variation on this advice, which is "save today for what you want tomorrow."

"We've both been saving for retirement, wedding and housing. The difference it will make is that we will be able to pay for things instead of borrowing or having (credit card) debt. Our lives together will be financially secure because of this!!!!"


"If you need more money, then go out and make more money."

There are limits to how far you can scrimp and save. Often the fastest way out of debt and into wealth is generating more income.

I was never afraid of hard work and we never lacked for anything as I was growing up," "They taught me that as long as there is health, anything else can be worked for. To me the word 'retirement' didn't exist specially in México. You work until you can't work anymore.

"Own your own business -- including the building it's in."

David Bach learned this lesson as a money manager for Morgan Stanley before becoming the author of the New York Times best sellers "Start Late, Finish Rich" and "The Automatic Millionaire."

"Wall Street has developed lots of way more sophisticated methods for controlling risk but now the crisis keeps me focused on the real aim of the game, which isn't making money for its own sake, but to have enough of the stuff to get you where you want to go. It helped me get over losses in bear markets and in individual stocks. And reminded me that I can occasionally take a vacation, as long as the game in itself is fun and I'm not gambling more than I can afford to lose."

So keep in touch and above all keep positive.

Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Become Millionaire?

The Main idea of this blog is to have a glimpse and share some interesting ideas on how to make the best options to become extremely rich in a short period of time, personally after seking the peace inside my inner spirit I discovered that I also need to fulfill my material goals in life. This is the first part on the subject and I want to make clear the main idea of this post is to become Millionaire in a period of less that five years from today of course the sooner the better, and help others to make it I believe that sharing the various secreets to this task could be a great start(books, systems,investment strategies,models, secrets).

I will try to publish an article and some basic ideas on how to make money every week at least. I know the task is quite hard and I also know that it will require a lot of work.

But I want also to be the first example that it is absolutelly possible.

So welcome and let's make it hapen.