Thursday, February 17, 2011

Please give me one Million Dollars (Euros)

During this cold and lovely month of february, in search of One Million Euros in less than 5 years, more ideas come to mind, new strategies of investing, some interesting news for Nokia and Microsoft let's see what comes later out of this multicultural marriage...

I remembered a quiet evening telling my wife about and idea that comes to mind on the basic subject and premise of this blog "One Million Euros in less than 5 years welcome to my journey" So I told her what if I explain and expose my reasons, She said what you mean?

So I told her the idea of making a video about my self and the reasons why I need the Million Euros, I have been quietly working on the project until of course I could not be the ONLY one right?

So sketch comedian Craig Rowin put out a video request back in November for a millionaire to give him one million dollars saying, “I don’t need it for anything specific, but I think it would be awesome.” Well, guess what? It looked like a millionaire was making Craig’s wish come true!

The original ‘Please Give Me One Million Dollars’ clip went up on November 21, 2010 followed by another video by the same title to update millionaires. He told viewers that he had not yet received one million dollars but he had received many emails at his email account. A couple of weeks later Craig updated viewers once again in ‘Still Please Give Me One Million Dollars’, in which he rips up a $5,000 check because he asked for one million dollars! His arguments are quite interesting you might hate him but the idea is great!!!

Craig even plead his case and requested one million dollars from Alabama’s millionaires in an interview on Wake Up Alabama. In the interview he says, “I don’t have any current debt, but I am asking for a million dollars because it would be pretty awesome to have.” Helping Craig’s case was the fact that he really is hilarious. In the Alabama interview you can hear the anchors cracking up while he’s answering their questions. And surely the guy who has decided to give Craig one million dollars must have a great sense of humor as well.

In one of his latest video uploaded to the RoryAndCraig YouTube channel, which Craig shares with his fellow sketch-comedian in crime Rory, Craig announces his success! We don’t get any specifics, aside from the fact that the millionaire who is giving him the money is named Benjamin and that he will be receiving the money live on stage at the UCB Theatre on February 2 at 8 PM. He says he has received a notarized letter that he will give Craig one million dollars and expect nothing in return. “On February 2 I will be a One Millionaire!”

Now of course I was expecting to find out what happened on February 2, Did he got his Million? or was all that an act? to attract publicity after all he is a Comedian, see the video to find out,

So after all this joke I still have some hope and time to make my own version of my own idea and maybe acomplish my goal in less time than expected. So all Millionaires reading this me and give me one Million Euros!

keep letting the snow ball rolling and keep in touch...