Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rebalance and Invest in 2011

Finally I have the opportunity to say "Happy New Year" to all my readers may this year bring the Millions we are waiting for, of course there is no easy way, during 2010 I experienced multiple ideas to make One million euros in less than 5 years and so far it is more than working, I experienced interesting surprises during 2010, I welcomed a baby girl named Katariina, got a new job, got a new house, increased my assets, met new and interesting people, diversified and increased the portfollio I manage, got new advertisement deals and I was able to work and collaborate with Investors and entrepeneurs that I admired in the past, and all this in a way happened just because of you My Readers.

So a new year has come 2011 a year to cash out and keep Investing, but before we do that let's have a look at my favourite positions and their respective profit during 2011 just in the Helsinki Stock Exchange all my International positions could be tracked on my previous posts with amazing results.

I will just show an example of 4 of my stock picks and their performance during 2010, Why would you like to put money into your 35th -best idea right?


Offers paperboards as well as office and other papers for consumer packaging, communications and advertising end-uses.

Has 13 production units in five European countries and about 4,700 employees.M-real is part of the Metsäliitto Group, one of the largest forest industry groups in the world, and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. This share increased 88.46% during 2010, and it will be a major player of my portfollio during 2011.


Okmetic is the world’s leading supplier of silicon wafers for MEMS manufacturing. Crystal growth technology is at the very core of Okmetic’s expertise. It provides the foundation also for highly doped, low-resistivity wafers that enable extremely high performing power semiconductors. This share increased 75.40% during 2010, a must have.


Raisio Oyj, known internationally as Raisio Group is a company that makes cereal products, potato products, animal feeds and engage in life-sciences. Raisio produces benecol a ingredient used in a range of Cholesterol-reducing spreads, products and condiments marketed under its Benecol brand name, this share has increased 77.27% during the last two years.


Panostaja is a financially secure Finnish multi-field corporation that creates healthy companies Their goal is to elevate their investments in different fields from 5 to 10 years. I had the pleassure to meet one of his financial advisors and he gave me the trust and confidence to keep Investing with them, this share increased 41.75% during the last five years.

As you can see the average profit of this concentrated portfolio is 70.72 % and follows the basic rule of investing don´t lose money, so let´s assume you invested 10,000€ on these three stocks with a return of 70.72% you would have 17,720€ a perfect time to cash out some profit and rebalance.

Rebalancing is the process of bringing one’s portfolio back into proper asset allocation if you can do it yourself, or the time to change to a new money manager if you are not happy with the one you have.

During the year, the mixture of stocks,bonds mutual funds, and cash has likely shifted. Stock and bond values go up and down all the time. Your portfolio mix may be out of whack.

For example, you may have started the year with 60% of your money in stocks and stock funds and 30% in bonds and 10% in cash. The stock portion of your portfolio may have grown larger than your initial allocation percentage. Now you may have 80% of your money in stocks and 20% in bonds. You will want to trim your stock exposure back to its normal level.

the dynamics of your portfolio have to change. Every year, your stock percentage should go down 1 percentage point and your fixed income securities should go up one percent. Every year that you get closer to retirement, the more conservative that your portfolio should become.

If you handle your own portfolio, then you will want to shift your assets from the portfolio portion that has become too top heavy. For example, reduce your position in a stock or stock fund that has gained significantly during the year take the initial Investement and reinvest the profit a win win situation.

Add these proceeds to the portion of your portfolio that is lagging. For example, let’s say own an aggressive small cap fund and a moderate large cap fund. If the aggressive small cap fund has significantly outperformed the large cap fund then you may want to trim your position. Make sure that your portfolio fits in line with your risk tolerance. A lot of people thought they were risk takers until the market crash of 2008 caused their portfolios to crash 50 to 60%.

A good strategy to take is to sell off funds that have become big and bloated. Maybe you are overly invested in domestic markets and need more international exposure Finland is a great option send me a line or two. Look for funds that may have underachieved the last year or so that may be due for a breakout. Yesterday’s market losers may be tomorrow’s winners and yesterday’s winners may be tomorrow’s losers.

remember to rebalance every single year many people never rebalance their portfolios and do not find out that they are overly concentrated in one area until it’s too late, the ones who rebalance are the ones that keep winning. You can pick the time of year that work’s best for you. I prefer to rebalance my portfolio at the beginning of the year. This way I can sell off positions that I want to get out of and start the year off fresh. It also allows me to take any necessary tax losses to offset gains on my portfolio.

There are so many interesting topics to Invest during 2011, I will have a close look to currencies now that I´m constantly evolving in that field specially Asian currecies (JPY,CNY,HKD,SGD) Also AUD and let's not put aside the precious GOLD that drives people crazy just have a look at it's interesting performance during the past year:

So there are endless opportunities to acomplish the objective of one Million Euros in less than 5 years let's make it happen during 2011, eager to hear your comments and ideas don´t hesitate to contact me, have a great start of the year!

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