Friday, May 13, 2011

The Millions in the World Press 2011 Amsterdam

The song and the goal remains the same a Million Euros in less than 5 years and a week of a getaway took me to my third home in Amsterdam I lived unbelievable memories missing my family but reassuring the ethernal friendship...

On my last day I got to walk alone and found myself out of the everyday working, exchanging, trading, monotonic investing way of life and I was submerged in the crude reality of life for a couple of hours I was suffering while trying to understand the images of the World press photo contest 2011

The annual World Press Photo Exhibition is the best known of World Press Photo's activities and is a leading event in the organization's calendar. Every year following the World Press Photo Contest, the winning images go on tour. In April, the exhibition was officially opened in Amsterdam and can be seen at venues around the globe until March of the next year. The tour program takes in approximately 100 cities in 45 countries and is still expanding.

The exhibition is a showcase for creativity in photojournalism and a platform for developments in the profession, part of World Press Photo's aim of encouraging and stimulating the work of press photographers around the world. The show also attracts a broader public and, because of the wide-ranging focus of the contest, forms an eyewitness record of world events from the previous year.

There were images that will stay in my memory forever and some of them were so raw that I could not find the difference between art, photojournalism and yellow journalism. Here are some of my findings:

"Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, emerges from a panel discussion at the University of London. During the year, WikiLeaks had made public a large batch of classified US military documents on Iraq and Afghanistan. It went on to release sensitive correspondence between American, Middle-Eastern, and other international diplomats, including revelations on the stance taken by Palestinian negotiators in connection with Israel. At the beginning of September, the Swedish Director of Prosecutions re-opened a previously dropped case against Assange on allegations of sexual assault. The following month an international warrant was issued for his arrest, sparking accusations of a smear campaign".

"People press through the crowd at the Love Parade in Duisburg, Germany, in a crush that left 21 dead and more than 500 injured. The Love Parade, a public party and music festival first held in Berlin in 1989, has attained cult status around the world. The Duisburg event, held on festival grounds at the site of a disused railway depot, had only one entrance - a tunnel 100 meters long and 16 meters wide. Revelers packed into the tunnel after police attempted to control access to the grounds. Estimates after the event put attendance figures at 1.4 million, but a later police statement reduced that to 400,000. Argument continued for months as to who was responsible for the disaster and an official investigation into the affair looked set to drag on into 2012. The head organizer of the Love Parade announced that the festival would not be held again".

"Julie sits with Rachel, aged 3 months, in the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel in San Francisco, where she lives with her partner Jack, who, like her, is HIV positive. The Julie Project. For 18 years the photographer documented the life of Julie Baird, whom she met by chance in San Francisco. Julie was then 18 and HIV positive, with a newborn child and a history of drug abuse. The photographer aimed to provide an in-depth look at poverty, Aids and other social issues by focusing on one woman’s struggle. Later, she wanted the project also to be a record for Julie’s children of their mother’s story, after Julie lost custody and had to give them up for adoption".

"The photo that first appeared in Berlingske in September. In the Name of Victoria. In September, a Danish daily newspaper ran a picture of an 18-month-old orphan from Nepal with hydrocephalus – the condition also known as ‘water on the brain’. She had been abandoned at birth and had no name – though hospital staff called her Ghane (‘Bighead’). Although the condition can be treated in the West, doctors in the hospital could not help her. Danish business executive Cecilie M. Hansen was deeply affected by the photo and decided to try to help the little girl. Cecilie visited Nepal, gave the girl a name – Victoria, for victory – and made arrangements with Nepal’s leading neurology clinic to operate, covering the cost herself. Because nothing had been done to relieve Victoria’s condition since birth, surgery was risky. In the time Cecilie was in Nepal, she bonded closely with Victoria, but eventually had to return to Denmark. A few days after arriving home she heard that despite doctors’ efforts, Victoria had died from heart failure".

"Milan Fashion Week. The show of TV star-turned-fashion designer Valeria Marini"

"Matador Julio Aparicio is gored by a bull after losing his footing during a bullfight in Madrid. One of the animal's horns pierced his throat and punched through the bottom of his mouth, puncturing his tongue and fracturing his jaw. After an emergency one-hour operation in the medical center at the bullring, Aparicio was transferred to hospital for further surgery. He recovered, and returned to the ring in August".

"The Netherlands' Demy de Zeeuw is accidentally kicked in the face by Uruguay's Martin Caceres during a World Cup semi-final soccer match in Cape Town, South Africa on 6 July. The Dutch won the match 3-2. De Zeeuw was taken to hospital with a suspected broken jaw. He was later able to rejoin his teammates but was not selected to play in the final, when the Dutch lost 0-1 to Spain".

Overall it was a great weekend full of surprises and now back in business waitting to fulfill dreams that will become true soon, just with the idea that time goes by... and I want to keep the real moments forever. keep writing keep dreaming a Million euros in less than 5 years welcome to my journey...

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