Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Healthy Living Leads to Wealthy Living

Part of the reason why obesity is at record levels throughout most of the industrialized world is because high quantities of food and high volumes of food consumption are historical components of survival and success. Humans are hardwired to equate edibles with wealth, and rightly so – we have to eat to live. But the mistake so often made in modern times, especially in industrialized societies, is that we feel we must continue to maximize our food consumption despite the fact that virtually no one in these societies is at risk for malnutrition if they commit to modest diets. The result is not only unhealthy living, but the curtailment of goals to grow personal wealth. Nothing is free, especially not food.

Measures to reduce the daily costs of living usually amount to decreased entertainment and a transition to prepaid phones and other forced limitations on spending. Yet they very rarely involve cutting down on the calories. Our natural survivalist instincts keep us from wanting to limit the food we feed ourselves and our children, yet for more reasons than just the savings such a decision could be soundly beneficial. The cost savings can and will take a back seat to the self-improvement seen if healthier approaches to eating are taken.

The federal government of the United States under President Barack Obama is encouraging American citizens to plan their meals through effective understanding of proper portions. This measure, enacted primarily through the website MyPlate.gov, is best conveyed via the update to the American food pyramid, which has now become a plate pied up into four separate sections of differing size, each identified by their food group. It's matter-of-fact limited courses such as these that not only help families improve their healthiness, but also beef up the sum of their available spending money.

The math is simple. Two helpings per meal per day reduced down to one can decrease monthly grocery bills by 50%. Chances are the reduction will in no way make members of your family become malnourished. Instead, chances are that your family will start consuming healthier portions than they otherwise would. It's a win-win situation for families looking to earn more income and stay physically fit.

Auditing, overhauling, and regulating family food consumption is a guaranteed way to not only make your family healthier but make your family wealthier. There's no reason to pack on extra pounds when you could be saving extra pounds instead. Put your family on the path to a better life by limiting what gets put on their plates. Autumn is here don´t let it get you down, keep moving keep writing me a thousand success stories are waitting to happen and Millions are ment to be made.

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