Monday, June 11, 2012

The five money principles to make a Million

Finally able to write again, the stories, the songs and the experiences from my Vacation will stay forever, I had the opportunity to travel around Amsterdam, Poland and the Baltic states with a good friend of mine and colleagues from work. It was just great! Now eventually going back to the routine thinking that it can always go better, to my surprise just when I got back I was contacted by Alan Akina founder and president of 101 Financial, a financial education company based in Hawaii.  Alan Akina has been helping middle income families to get financially educated, organized, out of debt, and on with the better things in life for the past 10 years.  Alan also host the Financial Fitness segment on FOX affiliate KHON 2 Morning News.

Alan Akina recently  wrote a book on personal finance for the working middle-class that he gave away for free. He believed that my audience would really enjoy it because it’s a unique take on managing our day-to-day financial lives.  The book is simple and easy to read.  In fact, anyone can read the book in less than an hour.  Perfect for my busy readers. So here is a review I wrote after my 40 minutes of reading the book,
When Alan says it is a simple book, he tells the truth. The thing about it is, it’s not just that it’s an easy book to read; the concepts that he presents are very simple. And when you’re trying to understand money, sometime simple is best.
Alan begins the book by divulging some elements of his childhood. He grew up poor, had divorced parents, often moving from home to home. He gives a very touching story about his grandmother and her influence on his life (what I enjoyed about this is how is really highlights the profound impact just one person can have). He talks about his struggles with money and how he overcame them, and how those struggles inspired him to teach others what he learned.
The book focuses on 5 basic concepts revolving around money:
  1. Money in (income)
  2. Money out (bills)
  3. Money we owe (debt)
  4. Money we grow (investments)
  5. Money we share (charitable giving)
It really doesn’t get easier than that. What I appreciate about these concepts is that it breaks down money management into easy to explain ideas. As a parent trying to teach my child about money, these 5 principles are simple to explain, even to my 5 year old. They make sense, are logical, and are presented in a progression that makes you have that “aha” moment about your finances. You finish the book not confused about how to manage your money; rather you finish the book thinking “I can do this”. It’s a nice feeling.
But I think my favorite part of the book was how interactive it is. I read the e-book version of the book, and to break it up, there are links to downloadable worksheets, YouTube videos of Alan presenting his ideas on a Hawaiian affiliate of Fox News (where he has been presenting financial news for years), and sidebar stories of people he’s helped with his advice (I’ always enjoy success stories). Now that I have the book saved on my desktop I can go back and reread it or download the worksheets, especially when I need to get back to the basics with my finances specially now after my vacation which let my credit cards dry
This is a book that gives a broad overview of financial management. That financial management includes emphasizing the importance of avoiding or getting out of debt.
A word of caution about this book. For those who already have a fairly strong understanding of managing their day to day finances, this book will be too simple. In fact, it may seem oversimplified and it’s probably not the best choice to add to the personal finance section of your library.  But if you know someone who did not receive a proper financial education or is struggling with understanding the basics of financial management, this is a great place to start. Besides it is a perfect start to make the Million Euros in less than 5 years that I’m confidently looking for.
You can Download the book for free in this Link:
The five money principles everyone needs to know
keep smiling summer is all over us and we control the heat!

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