Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Security and Make Millions!

The Internet has become a fundamental tool for many businesses across the world. There are now over 2,400 million people with access to the World Wide Web, making it an irreplaceable marketing and communication tool 

As the world advances technically, the chance of hackers gaining unauthorized access to your sensitive data does increase. It is essential to protect your business and your customer base with products, for example an X509 Digital Certificate or the trusted VeriSign stamp, to ensure security and confidence while using your online platforms. 

1.      Invest in an X509 Digital Certificate 

Online hardware no longer starts and ends with the desktop computer or your laptop. Mobile devices are now able to connect to your servers and access data at the tap of an app. An X509 Digital Certificate can be purchased by manufacturers, and embedded into hardware to ensure that only authorized access is granted to named devices. 

2.      Add a SSL Certificate to your Website 

Encrypt any information passed through your website with a SSL Certificate. Show customers and/or clients that your website is trustworthy and can be used without worry. Get the VeriSign seal of approval. 

3.      Look into Extended Verification for Ecommerce Businesses 

SSL EV is extended verification and offers additional encryption services for businesses who provide ecommerce facilities on their website. Take customer card details in confidence, while buyers will browse safe in the knowledge that they are purchasing goods or services from a trusted retailer. Gain the green address bar, the padlock stamp and the https:// status. 

4.      Encrypt your Emails 

Invest in a Wildcard SSL Certificate and extend your SSL Certificate to cover multiple sub domains on your website, as well as email encryption. 

5.      Follow Basic Data Protection Pathways 

Sometimes it is all too easy to get stuck into the technicalities of business. Ensure that basic data protection pathways are followed – lock away any confidential paperwork and log out of computers following active sessions. 


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