Sunday, February 2, 2014

Is Distance Learning for You? Ready to Make Millions?

Recently I was contacted by Nick Christensen, the content editor of the University of Liverpool on his search for Industry thought leaders in business and career advancement, Nick found my site Millionaire Man to be impressive  therefore we agreed a mutual cooperation and here it is... his first guest post to my blog please Enjoy:

For years you've thought about something different. A different career, a different path. Or perhaps you're just finishing high school and trying to figure out what you should do next. Unfortunately, you don't have the opportunity to attend a traditional college or university full-time due to other commitments. In that case, an online degree can give you the advantage you need to improve your career. However, online degrees aren't for everyone.
Typical Students May Struggle
An online education isn't a short cut. In fact, in some cases, it takes students more time to complete an online course than it does to complete an in-class course. The reason? Online classes require a lot of reading and writing – both of which take more time than listening and speaking.
However, despite the additional work required, there are some benefits. Students may get more individualized attention, as they'll be communicating directly with educators through email and forum posts. You also get to set your own schedule, which is great if you need to learn after work hours.
Before pursuing an online degree, you need to ask yourself three questions.
Are you disciplined?
One of the major differences between an online education and a traditional education is that you won't be held accountable by anyone but yourself. Yes, you may face deadlines, but as there isn't likely to be a strict class schedule, you'll have to schedule your own class time. When you have an essay due, you need to be able to skip going out with friends. It's not always easy to say no, and if you know you have problems with discipline, earning a degree online is going to be very difficult.
Can you manage your time?

Time management is a crucial skill for all students to learn, but particularly online students. In a classroom setting, your teacher will tell you how to manage your time – which parts of the textbook you need to review, what you'll need to study for upcoming tests. You may not have that information when you take courses online.
In addition, if you take multiple courses at the same time, you'll need to know how to prioritize. Do you spend your Saturday night studying for a test on Monday or working on an essay?
Have you done your research?
A lot of people fantasize about what an online degree entails. However, not all schools are created equal. Before jumping in, you should know the cost of the program, whether there is accreditation, whether potential employers respect the school, and how the online classes work. You need to research several different programs before deciding which one to select. If you haven't researched at least three different options, you haven't done enough research.
Earning an online degree is a unique opportunity. However, before blindly following the path, make sure you're online learning is right for you.
For more information about pursuing an online degree from the University of Liverpool, click here.

Author Bio
Nick is on the blog outreach team at Liverpool University Online. Check us out on Facebook here.


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